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This is a calisthenics UK course delivered by our Move Training Centre head coach and Calisthenics UK master instructor Owen Gayle.

A Level 1 Coach will typically assist a more experienced coach in delivering session or instruct those that are within their first year of calisthenics training.

There are no formal requirements or pre-requisites to complete this course, and as such, the course covers:

  • General principles of bodyweight training and the coaching process
  • Health and safety (including assessing risk, gathering participant information, safeguarding children & vulnerable adults)
  • Components of a session
  • Basic first aid

The practical elements are delivered over one day, supported by additional independent study completed before/after the practical day.

The practical elements of the course include:

  • Push: Push Ups / Dips
  • Pull: Rows / Pull-Ups / Chin-Ups
  • Core: Plank / Hollow Body Hold / L-sit
  • Legs: Squat / Lunge / Assisted Single Leg Squat
  • Static Holds: Handstand Prep / Crow
  • General movement prep. & warm-up activities
  • Static cool-down stretches
  • Basic first aid

Attendees will receive a course manual detailing the practical coaching exercises and techniques, as well as a series of pre-planned sessions.

Those completing the course will receive a certificate of attendance however to become a Certified Level 1 Calisthenics Coach you will also need to complete the following assessments:

  • Short answer worksheet covering fundamental coaching skills
  • Record of instructing four sessions and self-evaluation worksheet

Cost: £125 per person

For more info: CLICK HERE or contact us directly!

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