I am new to exercise, will I be strong enough for calisthenics?

100% yes! The great thing with calisthenics is that there is always some form of regression to to each movement to make sure it matches your current level. Our experienced coaching team will be able to find exactly which movements will best suit your level.

Do you offer classes for beginners?

Yes. All of our classes expect two are specifically beginner friendly classes. Our class timetable shows all beginner friendly classes in green.

Can I pay for open training on a pay as you go basis

Unfortunately we only allow members with an active membership access to open training.

Do you offer classes for kids?

Unfortunately we do not currently offer classes for kids. We seldomly have limited spaces that become available for private 121 sessions for kids. We will be looking to introduce kids classes in the future but currently no set date.

What is meant by un-manned hours?

Sometimes our facility will be un-manned meaning that there is no staff in the building. You are still able to train during these times. We have CCTV on site for safety as well as a SOS panic button which with the touch of a button will instantly call a team member to deal with any situation.

Can I just turn up to train or talk to someone?

We require that anyone wishing to train or talk to a team member to contact us prior. Entry into our centre requires a door pin code which is for active members only. Turning up without a booking will most likely result in no team members being present due to no booking made or team members being busy with client and again unable to be of service.

How do I cancel my membership?

To cancel your membership, please contact us directly via email stating you would like to cancel. Email us at info@movetc.uk